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All About Good Thyme Gal

Updated: Jul 14

Good Thyme Gal Food and Lifestyle blogger

"If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it."-John Irving

What is G.T.G? I am sure you are wondering what it stands for.

G.T.G stands for 'Good Time Girl'.

The definition of a 'Good Time Girl': 1.) a young woman whose chief concern is seeking pleasure and having fun. 2) A young woman who engages regularly in partying and romantic or sexual liaisons.

All About Good Thyme Gal

Did that describe you?

Is your main concern pleasure and fun? Do you engage regularly in partying? Do you engage in romantic or sexual liaisons?

Are you ashamed to admit it?

I believe every single woman has a G.T.G. within her. Whether you are single, married, or in romantic/sexual liaisons (We call them 'situationships' now :), we all should be able to embrace that aspect of ourselves.

I have been a G.T.G. since I can remember and was very fortunate enough to make a living out of it. After 12 years of being in the Adult Entertainment Industry, I have decided to share some of my knowledge with you all.

Life has a funny way of giving you full-circle moments. If you are self-aware enough, you will see those full-circle moments assisting you in the elevation of your life. My life path has led me to live a life where I was able to not only experiment in the bedroom but in other areas of my life as well. My favorite, besides the obvious, is the kitchen.

I have always had fond memories of cooking with my grandmother or mother. When we cooked together, I always felt like I could talk to them about anything. Over the years, I was given wonderful true-to-life advice by the matriarchs in my family while bonding over the recipes they shared with me.

I believe cooking should be fun. I think a big reason people don't care to cook is that it can be time-consuming and confusing.

My mantra in life and cooking is to work smart, not hard. Being an efficient and affordable person in the kitchen is, not only beneficial to your health but to your wallet as well. Not to mention they are easy and delicious.

The other half of this blog is dedicated to sharing my perspective on the world through a different lens. A more personal approach. I know there is a stigma around any woman who is promiscuous and smart. I hope this blog becomes a place where we can remove that stigma. So many of us feel lost on our journey of life.

We rarely know or see people's inner turmoil and struggle. I see you. I see your turmoil and your struggle. I also see your happiness and ambition to want to be a better person. I see that you want a good life filled with happiness and love.

Do you know how I see that? Because you are here. You are reading this now. Do I believe in coincidences? No, but I believe in fate.

Everything happens for a reason. You are here reading this blog for a reason. Let us be able to share in a judgment-free space as we get to know one another. Who knows, we may end up being the best of friends. If you are not a G.T.G., no worries.

This blog is still a great place to get awesome tips and recipes.

I hope you enjoy it. I want this blog to be a positive resource, as well as a safe place for G.T.G's who want to hone their skills or just feel validated. So let's raise our glasses to G.T.G. May we know them. May we love them, and may we learn from them!

Happy Reading!


All About Good Thyme Gal

G.T.G. Did You Know...

In the 1950s, the popular image of a G.T.G centred on the female body: prominent and often very pointy breasts, a wasp-like waist and generous hips. A good time girl was a ‘glamour puss’, with rouged lips and peroxide-blonde hair. She posed with an inviting, come-and-get-me-look, a representation which played around the boundaries of soft porn.

In Britain this image was embodied by film-star Diana Dors, a woman who relished scandal and celebrity, and who both exploited and was exploited by the male-dominated media of her day. Her Book is a wonderful read.

swingin' dors by dian dors

Good time girls were seen as a social problem, wayward and out of control. But only the thinnest of dividing lines separated the folk-devil from the sex object, pouting her lips for male delectation. If the men were confused, where did this leave the women? No wonder some of them brazened it out.

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