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June Family Month

Updated: Jul 14

The month of June is all about family...


Summer is less than a few weeks away. I must admit, I was getting a little worried. Mother Nature hasn't exactly been cooperation as of late. Maybe she loves Summer as much as I do. The first month to kick off the lazy days is June. So many wonderful things take place during this month. One of those wonderful things is National Family Month.

What Is National Family Month?

Mom with two toddlers

It is a month where you make an active effort to reflect on your family and how to make it stronger as a unit. Strong families share many of the same qualities. Strong families build trusting relations by following through with promises. Strong families stick together when the chips are down, and strong families love one another-whatever that looks like.

I would consider my family to be very strong. Though we live all over the U.S., if one of us is in trouble we try our best to be there for the other. The same goes for our parents. As a southern African American it is built in our D.NA. that we must be resilient and we must stick together, not just because we are blood, but because we both want the other to thrive and survive this harsh world. My upbringing was very close-knit.

I consider my sister, one of my best friends. Are we a perfect family? No. Noone's family is. I personally, feel like that is what makes a family special and unique.

There will always be one that is more outspoken. One that is misunderstood, and unfortunately, a favorite. The family also teaches you valuable life lessons. Your communication style. The way you handle conflict and even the way you get people to do what you want derives in some way from your family dynamic. As I write this, I know some of you will maybe think I am being naive.

After all, it is 2023, and it appears that families are no longer considered 'traditional'. You may be a single mom. You may be going through a divorce. You may be getting yourself and your family out of an abusive situation.

If that is the case making sure your family can withstand the stress should be important to you, as well as making sure you all can comfort one another in difficult times. Family is fluid in this day and age. You can have a biological family or you can create your own. The two most important things you will have in your life are time and family.

Cherish them.

Tell me in the comments section ways that help your family build a stronger bond as a family unit.

Ways You Can Make Your Family Stronger

Family at dinner

  1. Work on good communication skills.- Weekly/Monthly Family roundtable discussions. Where everyone can air out their grievances judgment free.

  2. Establish traditions, values, and goals together.-Family Game nights. Favorite movie night-Each family member picks one of the favorite movies. Watch them together.

  3. Try new things together.- Make a family bucket list. Start with 3 things.

  4. Connect with distant family members.- Grandparents and GrandAunts and uncles are a great way to find out more about your parents. Utitlize them.

  5. Stay active.- Excercise as family. Family paintball. Waterbaloon fights etc. Make it fun !

  6. Laugh together.- laughter is the best medicine. Remember to laugh with one another, not at one another.

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