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Mental Health Awareness

Updated: Jul 14

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Good Thyme Gal blog Mental Health Awareness month

The month of May is all about mental health awareness. During this month, be sure to check in on your friends and let them know that they matter and that someone cares.

Please feel free to leave an encouraging word about your mental health journey in the comment section.

I was having a discussion with my older sister about the retail world, and how much more intense shopping has become. No one has any patience, and some customers just act downright entitled. I told her about a time I will never forget. I was standing in a long line at a self-checkout, right after they lifted the mask mandate. We hadn't been standing in line long, maybe 10 minutes, when an elderly lady started berating the only 2 workers there.

I have to commend both workers because they remained calm in a very emotional situation. Once she was done giving them 'a piece of their mind,' the clerk nearest her explained to her that a little less than half of the cashiers in their store contracted COVID-19, and some did not return due to death. The cashier then added with a smile that she appreciated everyone's patience and kindness during this difficult time. Needless to say, that zipped the elderly lady's lips, and everyone stopped being annoyed. I left thinking about the unprocessed trauma and grief each and every single one of us may have because we have not stopped to truly process the grief we all have endured over the last 4 years.

Life can feel heavy at times. Today's world is filled with so many decisions it can feel overwhelming. In those cases, it is best to take a step back, and evaluate ourselves and do a mental health check-in. Is therapy right for me?

girl basking in the sunlight

I, personally have utilized therapy on and off for the last 18 years. As an African American woman, I was very skeptical about whether or not therapy would even work. My first visit was really insightful, and helped me in realizing therapy wasn't scary. Therapy was a way for me to discuss my ups and downs with someone who could see my life with unconditional positive regard and help me pinpoint things in my life that were working and things that weren't. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you think about or cope with a issue? Does it take up at least an hour each day?

  • Does the issue cause embarrassment or make you want to avoid others?

  • Does the issue cause your quality of life to decrease?

  • Does the issue negatively affect school, work, or your relationships with friends or family?

  • If you have answered 'Yes' to one or more of these questions you may want to seek out a therapist.

***Never feel guily about needing to speak with someone about your mental health. We all go through our own mental challenges. A therapist isn't there to judge, but to offer you clarity and a safe place to speak your truth. If you feel the Therapist isn't right for you, by all means keep looking until you find the one. Good luck on your journey.

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