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Simple Flower Arrangement

Updated: Jul 14

With this simple flower arrangement, I hope it brings you endless joy and helps brighten up any room you choose to put it in.

good thyme gal Simple Flower Arrangement

Spring has been all over the place this year. One day it is Sunny, and the next day, it is raining- or worse, snowing. It can make you feel like you can't thoroughly enjoy being outdoors. With this simple flower arrangement, I hope it brings you endless joy and helps brighten up any room you choose to put it in. This bouquet, like the previous two we have done, is relatively simple and will take up less than ten minutes of your day to arrange. Why simple? I feel like we are in a phase where everyone feels like the more complicated something is, the more value they place on it. True there are things in life that should be valued for their complexity, flower arranging shouldn't be one of them. If anything, flower arranging should be relaxing and a wonderful way for you to stay grounded and connected in nature. Flowers are also a simple pleasure. Something that can make anyone's day, and they always make people feel better when they look at them. Flower Arrangement Symbolism Daisy symbolizes new beginnings, joy, and cheerfulness. Daisy are often given to new mothers after birth, symbolizing their entry into motherhood. In spirituality, daisies represent faith and eternal life. Limes symbolize fertility. Arranging your flowers with intention always makes the bouquet smell sweeter. This is a great flower arrangement to give new/expecting mothers or to make for someone who will be celebrating their first Mother's Day. There is a simple, eternal beauty to Daisy's that make this flower a perfect springtime pick. This is also a flower that is easy to capture out in the wild. So you may end up getting lucky and find them growing out in the wild. If you do be sure to inspect them and make sure they are not hazardous before bringing them into your home. Daisys brighten up gardens and add freshness to indoor spaces. Fun Facts about Daisys *One of the most well-known flowers around the world. *Daisys can grow anywhere *Daisys are related to Sunflowers *Their name is an old English phrase "Daes eage," which translates in modern days english to "day's eye." This name describes how these flowers close their petals in the evening and reopen them come morning, making daisies some of the first eyes to open to the morning sun each day. Let me know what you think in the comments section of my blog. I would love to see how it turns out, and please remember, safety first! Tape is your friend. Start with the tallest flower first. Happy Flower Arranging.

What You Will Need

A bouquet of Daisys


A Mason Jar

glass jar

2-3 Limes


Assembly Once you have gathered the above items. Start by arranging flowers in the vase first. Slice the limes. Insert into the vase facing outward. Add plant food. Basic Floral Rule An arrangement of flowers should be one with the right balance. The height of the arrangement should be at least one and a half times more than the height of the container. Although the height of the arrangement can be higher than this, it should never be lower.

The Final Result

Spring flower arrangement

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