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Spring Style Trend 2023

Updated: Jul 14

Spring 2023 Style trend is all about falling in love with Spring...

good thyme gal blog Spring Style Trend 2023

With Spring comes warmer days and a sense of freshness, and newness.

An estimated 74% of Americans partake in Spring cleaning and that includes sprucing up their wardrobe. -GTG

This Spring is all about adding a little romance to your fashion. I am always down to wear fun patterns that others wouldn't. This Spring trend is about matching oversized sweaters and flirty, long skirts with a fun print, sequins, or feathers. They give just a touch of romance to this season. It is also a good way to spice up your wardrobe without actually having to spend money.

I am sure you, like me, have some great skirts you have been dying to wear but didn't know what to pair them with. This season try it with a solid oversized sweater. Let me know how it turned out in the comments.


Actress Kira Knightley, spotted by British Vogue, Spring 2023. *Click the photo to shop this look

kira knightley british vogue



These skirts are fun, flirty and can be matched with several solid colors. They are also affordable. Click on the photo(s) to shop the link.


More About This Spring Style Trend

Keeping up with style trends can sometimes seem daunting, as well as uber expensive. Me, personally, I always pick my style trend interaction based on my overall feelings, if I can replicate and execute the look to flatter my body shape, and if it fits with my personal style. That is always the key to picking which style trends are for you. Ask yourself these questions: Do they fit with your style? Is it something you can maintain for the season? Have you incorporated other style trends? Does it flatter your body shape? I like this particular fashion trend because an oversized sweater and a long skirt look good on all body types. If you are thin, it can give you a romantic, ethereal look for your body shape, and if you are a curvy girl, it can help accentuate the ones you like the most. Spring is an unpredictable season. One moment it is a warm 75 degrees, the sun shining, and the birds are chirping. You can hear your neighbors mowing the lawn and smell the first grilling of the season, or it is the complete and total opposite. It is pouring down rain, a very chilly 45-50 degrees and the sky is just a gloomy grey. This style trend represents both spectrums of Spring. The sweater keeps you warm on a Spring, chilly day, and the flowy, beautiful skirt gives you the blossoming promise of romance that Spring always seems to bring. There is a distinct difference between fashion and style. The definition of style is elegance and sophistication. The definition of fashion is a popular trend. There are style icons who have never participated in a style trend, and they are regarded as wonderful contributors to the fashion industry. Fashion and style can co-exist as well as be independent of each other. The most important thing is how you feel when you put on the outfit. It should make you feel great on the inside as well as on the outside. Fashion is all about evoking certain emotions, happiness being a major one.


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