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Good Thyme Gal: Fried Green Tomatoe Recipe

Updated: Jul 14

This fried green tomatoe recipe is perfect for the tomatoe lover.

Fried Green Tomatoe Recipe

Fried green tomatoes is considered a delicacy among some groups. You can't just have any old green tomatoe. It must be firm. Fried green tomatoes are delicious and easy to make if you have the right recipe. :

Fried Green Tomatoes is a classic Southern Dish-GTGThe

Why did I post this recipe now? I posted this recipe because this is the perfect season for green tomatoes. I am sure all you gardeners out there are gifting tomatoes in abundance. If you are a gardener who enjoys sharing your harvest with your family, neighbors and community this is a lovely way to share. Let me know in the comments section how it turned out!

Happy Eating !

Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe


  • 4 firm tomatoes

  • 1/2 Cup yellow cornmeal

  • 1 1/4 teaspoon salt

  • 1/8 teaspoon pepper

  • 1/4 Cup of oil or shortening

  • Wax Paper

Cooking Directions

  1. Cut out the stems of each tomatoe, then slice tomatoes to 1/2 inch slices.

  2. Combine the cornmeal, salt and pepper on wax paper.

  3. Coat both sides of tomatoe slices with the mixture.

  4. Heat oil until it is 365F in Skillet

  5. Place a single layer of tomatoe slices in skillet

  6. Slices should be turned when they are lightly browned on both sides.

  7. Cook until tender.

  8. Serve Immediately.

Servings: 4

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