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Halloween Party Ideas

Updated: 6 days ago

These Halloween party ideas will make sure your guests are having a howling good time...

Good Thyme Gal Blog Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is around the corner. After the last few years of not being able to fully celebrate the holidays, I am sure some of you are planning away. While I still encourage everyone to stay safe and healthy for the Fall/Winter months, I am just as happy as you are to be able to celebrate the holidays more fully this year. This blog post is dedicated to those who enjoy decorating their party food. :

Halloween Is Always Fun !

I also love to decorate my food for the spooky season. This year I did my Marbled Monster Deviled eggs, My monster hands and my wiggly squiggly ice cubes. I hope you enjoy and come up with even more ideas of your own.

Stay safe, and Happy Halloween.

Halloween Party Ideas

Marbled Monster Deviled Eggs Recipe

Marbled Monster Deviled Eggs Recipe Virtual Shopping List


  • 12 Large eggs

  • White vinegar

  • Full Assortment Food Coloring

  • Water

Cooking Instrucitons

  1. Boil Eggs until hard (about 10-14 minutes)

  2. Set aside and let cool (30-50 minutes)

  3. While Eggs are cooling prepare the dye.

  4. In an 8 oz glass half 1/4 cup Vinegar.

  5. add 1 drop of blue food coloring+2.5 drops of green food coloring + 3 drops of red food coloring. Mix. (It should make the color black)

  6. Fill the rest of the cup up with 1/2 cup of water.

  7. Do not remove egg from its shell instead gently rool it on a smooth service so the shell cracks.

  8. Place them into the egg dye mixture for 5 minutes each.

  9. Peel Egg.

  10. Egg should have a marbled look.

  11. Gently slice eggs open to retrive the yolk

  12. Place yolks in a seperate mixing bowl.

  13. Add 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup of mayonnaise, 1 drop of green food coloring and 3 drops of yellow. Mix well until mixture is almost smooth and you have a bright neon green color.

  14. Take a teaspoon and gently place egg yolk back into the egg whites casings.

  15. Refirgerate for 30-45 minutes before serving.

  16. Serve.

Serving 24

Monster Hands Recipe

Monster hands recipe virtual shopping list


  • Plastic gloves

  • Cheese Puffs

  • Popcorn-Flavor of your choice

  • Plastic Spider Ring

  • Plastic ties

Cooking Instructions

  1. *Make sure all plastic gloves are free from and dusts, powders or choking hazards before using .

  2. Fill gloves with Cheese puffs and Popcorn.

  3. Tie off the end with plastic tie

  4. Place a plastic Spider ring on the ring finger

Wiggly Squiggly Ice Cubes Recipe

wiggly squiggly ice cubes recipe virtual shopping list


  • 1-2 Ice tray

  • Fruit punch

  • Red Kool-aid

  • Sprite

  • An assortment of gummy worms

  • eyeball gum balls

Cooking Instructions

  1. Fill ice tray up 1/2 way with fruit punch

  2. Add eyeballs and Gummy insects

  3. Fill ice tray up completely.

  4. place in freezer. Let freeze.

Spooky Punch Recipe

  1. Mix the Red Kool-aid and the Sprite.

  2. Once the Icecubes are fully frozen add them to your Punch for a spooky drink.

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