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GTG- STYLE FILE: unique and provocative sense of style at a great price!

Updated: Jul 14

How to be current in fashion while having a provacative and unique sense of style.-GTG Style file. ets to Packing

Good Thyme Gal Closet

G.T.G's have long been admired for their unique and provocative sense of style. G.T.G's are known for drawing attention to themselves by dressing each morning to suit their fantasy mood. This way her style can never be replicated. This blog post is about the importance of putting together a closet full of GTG fashion basics. As a G.T.G. you should always rely on your own fashion instincts.

A G.T.G knows the most important element of having a provocative personal style is to have confidence in herself. As a G.T.G, on the days that I want to feel sexy and modest, I wear black jeans with a solid turtleneck, a leather jacket, and boots. Another day I may feel more girly, so I will curate a look based on my favorite floral bracelet. If I am feeling carefree and sexy, I may wear a L R D (little red dress) with black pumps, gold jewelry, with bright red lipstick. I know with a little creativity and experimentation I will be able to project my best G.T.G persona.

GTG basics don't have to be boring !

When my G.T.G mentor first started trying to convince me that a closet full of basics was the best way to develop a sustainable G.T.G wardrobe, all I thought was BORING! What could a sexpot possibly want with solid T-shirts, jeans, and blah hooded sweats? I quickly found out it was EVERYTHING! My G.T.G mentor taught me that these basics were just like the blank canvas of a painter.

When searching for a G.T.G outfit on my own blank canvas of solid essentials, I could add colors and textures to individualize my look. I also noticed my wallet was keeping more of my hard-earned cash because of my purchasing long-lasting basics, which I could use now to purchase trendy accessories and some style-making pieces to mix things up a bit.

GTG- STYLE FILE: unique and provocative sense of style. This G.T.G found that owning good basics took a lot of the guesswork on what to wear and also cut my getting ready time down by half. A closet full of trendy fashion is full of restrictions because trendy pieces often only look good when paired with their expensive matching counterparts. Trendy styles come and go. The best G.T.G advice I have gotten is to always rely on clothing that looks good on you every time out.

Style file wardrobe checklist

fashion fundamentals checklist

"A woman with style will never go out of fashion"-Coco Chanel

Tip #3 - Make it personal

Once a G.T.G is stocked up on their basics, they can begin gathering ideas for putting together their provocative outfits. A G.T.G does this by noting the styles of her favorite G.T.G television or movie actors. Tearing out ideas from fashion magazines, movies, catalogs, and by browsing fashion websites. Another way you can experiment with different mix-and-match schemes is by simply spending an afternoon trying on your clothing in all possible combinations. A G.T.G likes to do this once or twice a week and finds that it can be much more fun with a friend who can offer a second opinion.

G.T.G's like to pull out their polaroid or cell phone and photograph the looks that make the cut so that she can tape them inside her closet door for easy reference.Feel free to include personal details and examples. The more relatable you or your website is, the more you connect with your readers.

Good Thyme Gal style guide

GTG- STYLE FILE: unique and provocative sense of style at a great price!

How can I afford this? A G.T.G knows that you don't have to pay full price or shop at the high places. You can be cheap and chic, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Here is a list of ways to help G.T.G be cheap yet chic.

good thyme gal cheap yet chic

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