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Favorite Chef Competiton Announcment

Food Blogger Good Thyme Gal Selected for Online Cooking Contest

More Good News...

I hope this blog post finds you in wonderful spirits. I made a wish in January 2022. My wish was to be more intentional and transparent about sharing my passions that were not 'adult' related. A cornerstone of my passions is food.

On March 27th, 2023. I announced my retirement from the adult film industry. I was taught to leave a space much better than you found it, so with that in mind, I started this lifestyle blog, so that I could share some of my most vulnerable moments as well as my love for cooking.

I wish I could say that starting this lifestyle blog was easy and that it was exactly what I thought it would be. But the truth of the matter was, I spent countless nights, upset, frustrated, and just downright bored. Because I was accustomed to a life of excitement and having that constant go, go, go feeling. After much reflection, I realized my life had slowed down so that I could get prepared for what was in my future.

To give you a full picture of that. A few days before this realization, I was scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, and I noticed that there was an advertisement for a cooking competition that was going on. I remember thinking, I would never be able to do something like a competition, but it would be fun to try. I scrolled by it, not thinking about it. A couple of days later, I saw it again and I said, What the hell?

A few days later, I got a notification on my phone from the cooking competition letting me know that I was an entrant. I was, and still am so excited about this cooking opportunity.

Competitions are never about the other competitors. You are always in competition with yourself. Being accepted into this cooking competition meant I had to face some of my demons. They were loud. What if no one likes my cooking?

What if people think I'm a fraud? All those negative thoughts things popped up. I sat in it for a minute, and I realized that everything that I have been doing in my life has led me to this point. All those countless nights where I was wondering how I could use my passions for good. All of those times I was able to bring people happiness with my cooking. I realized it was all culminating in this one moment. So there was really no reason to be afraid.

I hope that following my dreams and being able to manifest the lifestyle I am choosing, helps you, dear reader, do the same thing for yourself.

2023 Favorite Chef Cooking Competition

Winning this competition would help validate that I am a great cook. My 2 kids would be very proud as well as my mother and grandmother who taught me everything about cooking and why it is so important to share a good meal with your friends and loved ones.

Vote for me. If I win I will be featured in Taste of Home Magazine, and take home $25,000.

Voting has begun!

Check out my Favorite Chef Profile and read why I should be the winner!


As always, thank you for your continued support. -J.G.

Favorite Chef Competition is Hosted By Carla Hall

Since her debut on Top Chef Season 5, Carla Hall has entertained audiences with her quick wit, culinary knowledge, and charisma. This vibrant chef strives to communicate that food is love and is proud to share soul food recipes inspired by her Nashville roots. Carla will guide competitors on their Favorite Chef journey offering tricks of the trade and tips to get ahead.

How To Vote

Follow me on my Primary Instagram: Chrstyleeb to stay updated on the many wonderful dishes I will be cooking during the Competition.

and Vote for me at least once a day! That's It!

Thank you for your support!

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