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Gifts From The Garden

I took up gardening by accident...

It was small and barely alive. I thought to myself, what could it hurt? It was barely living. What other damage could I do? I tended to the Orchid and within a month it was back.

I was really proud of myself, but I thought it was just luck, so I planted 2 more Orchids. I had done the research and followed the gardening tips and tricks. Before long I had 3 beautiful, thriving orchids. My mother, feeling sentimental during this time, sent me a miniature herb garden, I smiled when I saw what it was. Her gift reminded me to not give up.

This was the perfect time to try again. I Remember closing my eyes and imagining my heart being filled with love. That love would then move through my arms and out of my hands, passing it along to the seeds and soil that I was utilizing. I like to think it played a part in my herb garden doing well. During that time, I had so many fresh herbs; thyme, chives, parsley, and basil. I added a little lavender for luck.

Four and half years have passed. My herb garden was passed on to a friend. Now I have five Orchids and three succulents that are,lush, green and budding. I think a big key to gardening for me was to just relax, set loving intentions and not worry so much about the overall outcome. Not everything you plant will take root, and that is ok.

This post is all about gifts you can give to your favorite gardener and gifts you can give if you are the Gardner.

Let me know in the comments section your favorite gardening gift you like to give and receive.

Gardner Gifts They Will Love

Watering Can

Rain Boots

Gardening tools

Gardening Gloves

Flower Seeds

Hummingbird feeder

Gifts To Give From Your Garden

Dried Flowers

Window Sill Garden Starter

Recycled Tree Branch Candle/Candleholder

Flower Starter Kit

Bird Seed

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