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GTG Inspirational Women-Josephine Baker

Gtg Inspirational Woman Spotlight of March.

The GTG term was invented in the 1950s and was a term meant exclusively for white women. In 2023 I feel like this term can be applied to so many women throughout World history. One particular woman that comes to mind for me is Josephine Baker. When I look at the definition of the G.T.G which was centered around the female body: prominent breasts, a wasp-like waist, and generous hips. A ‘glamour puss’, with rouged lips and peroxide-blonde hair.

She posed with an inviting, come-and-get-me-look, a representation that played around the boundaries of soft porn.

Excluding the 'peroxide-blonde hair' and the 'very pointy breasts', Josephine Baker checks all the other boxes.

As a young, poor black woman fleeing the many oppressions that the US held for her- not just racism, but the confining role of being a responsible, black woman, getting married to a 'good man', and having children, as well as conforming to social standards. Instead, she left her husband and everything she knew to become a dancer. Shortly after, she started a new life in Paris, where she found herself and was revered as one of the most influential women in France.

Her shows were considered 'racy'. Her costume was a skirt made of bananas and necklaces that barely covered her bare breasts. Her show called the"Dancing Savage," was well received. Baker became one of the most sought-after performers due to her distinct dancing style and unique costumes. Although her audiences were mostly white, Baker’s performances followed African themes and styles.

*Her iconic style has been replicated by myself and other celebs to pay homage to such a legend.

Beyonce' performed in a costume similar to the one Baker wore. Pop Artist and Flutist, Lizzo have been sighted sporting hairstyles that emulate the star. Other celebs caught emulating the incomparable baker are Laverne Cox, Zendaya, and Rhianna.

Baker was known for her dancing and singing. Baker played in several successful major motion pictures released in Europe. Her life was rich, full, and fun. To me, she embodies the GTG vibe. Baker was lucky enough to find a way of life she loved.

She was courageous in living it, which is what being a GTG is all about. She was courageous in her off-stage efforts as well. Josephine Baker aided the French Resistance in WWII. She would later be awarded the Resistance medal from the French Committee of National Liberation. She was awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French military and was named a Chevalier of the Légion d'honneur by General Charles de Gaulle.

Upon her death, she would be given a hero's burial for serving her country.

I am often impressed, not only by Ms.Baker's fortitude in her career but throughout her life. She used her light to shine it on the injustices of the world and help people regardless of how they felt about her. That to me is the epitome of GTG status. Shining one's light on the injustices of the world to help people regardless of how they feel about you.

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Center: Josephine Baker

Center right: Laverne Cox

Far Right: Beyonce'

Far Left: Model From ATL Cabaret House

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