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GTG-Perfect Picnic Planning

Updated: Jul 14

Good Thyme Gal Picnic Planning Edition

Growing up, I had a fascination with all things French. The style. The culture. The music and the Cinema. The one thing I admire about the French is their innate ability to take advantage of a beautiful sunny day and have a picnic. I feel like most Americans would love to enjoy a picnic.

We are just not quite sure how to go about doing one that will come out like the ones we see in those romantic French films where they share cute anecdotes about life while eating baguette bread and cheese in a not-too-busy park. With Spring and Summer here there is no better time to learn about proper picnic etiquette.

Amazon is a great place to start your picnic shopping journey. A thing to remember when shopping for a picnic basket is, the bigger the basket, the more people you can invite to the party. Party city is always a great place to go for cups ad utensils that can look a little more on theme to the picnic vibe you want to capture. Another tip is to buy quality lunch/sandwich meats for your finger foods. Not only will the taste better, but they will stay fresh longer. Fruit that don't leak or stain are always a great idea.

Your picnic Journey awaits. There is no time like the present to enjoy your life and the little luxuries it has to offer you.

This GTG-Perfect Picnic Planning blog post will give you some tips and tricks on how to make a memorable picnic in any warm season. I hope it helps.

Please feel free to tell me all about your picnicking adventures in the comment section.


Picnic basket

GTG-Perfect Picnic Planning


Wash Raw Vegetables. Dry them and tuck them in food storage bags. Fill smaller containers with salad dressings, yogurts, or soft cheese spreads.

washing vegetables

Wash fresh fruit and pack with Ice to keep cool. (Seedless grapes, apples, oranges.)

washing fruit

Bake or buy a no mess dessert. -If their is a food vendor near by try one of their desserts.


Make a bag of mixed candies- licorice, fruit chews, swedish fish, etc.

a bag of candy

Make a variety of finger sandwiches and individually wrap them.


Fill a thermos full of lemonade as well as Bring a shatterproof bottle of wine.


Picnic Essentials

Picnic Basket of your choice

Picnic baskets

Plastic containers and sandwich bags.

sandwich bags

Bug spray

bug spray

Garbage bags (*Easy Cleanup afterwards)

garbage bags

Portable stereo/radio

portable stereo

Queen or King size blanket


Recyclable Plastic Plates & Cups

Recyclable plastic plates

Games and sports items

games and sports items

Other Things To Bring Sunhat Sunglasses Corkscrew Matches Ice packs Waterproof groundcover Cafe Clips for windy days Now that you have the list. Now Here is my mother's Southern Lemonade recipe I hope you enjoy it!

Counrty lemonade

Put this in your picnic thermos and garnish it with cherries or strawberries.

7 Lemons. *2 squeezed. 5 sliced

48 Oz. of water

2-3 cups of sugar

6 fresh mint leaves *Optional

Add sugar first, then squeeze the two lemons. Add water. Stir. Add the remaining lemons as well as the remaining water.Add mint leaves and let chill an hour before serving.

Serves 5

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