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World Book Day 2024

The TOP 4 Books You Get On World Book Day...

World Book Day, also known as World Book and Copyright Day or International Day of the Book, is an annual event  to promote readingpublishing, and copyright. The first World Book Day was celebrated on 23 April 1995 and continues to be recognized on that day. 

If you are familiar with me, you know that over the years I have written quite a few books as well as journals. I never go in to a writing or journal project thinking about if the general public will enjoy it. Instead, I usually write books I, myself, would want to read, and journals I feel I could bond with and share my soul.

This blog post will be dedicated to showcasing those books. May they assist you on your journey to good food and inner peace.-GTG 

Top 4 Books For World Book Day

This cookbook was written by at-home Chef, and Lifestyle Food Blogger, Christy Lee. Having shown her passion for cooking to the world in the Summer of 2023, while competing in the 2023 Carla Hall Favorite Chef Competition sponsored by the James Beard Foundation, Christy would like to continue to share her love for cooking as well as give folks equitable, yet delicious recipes they can use 365 days a year. 

Good Thyme Gal Recipes For Friends & Family is 65 Recipes and 28 Meal Menus. Menus Include The Way To A Man's Heart Menu, The Bad Day Meal, and so many more. Recipes included, but were not limited to:1-Banana Pudding, Mini Seafood Boils, Traditional Lasagna, & Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops. 

If you love entertaining family and friends over a comforting meal this is the recipe book for you. This Cookbook can be used by beginners.

Self-Love Journal

Self Love Journal-Practicing self-love is not only a journey of personal growth and empowerment but also a catalyst for leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. By prioritizing self-love, individuals cultivate a strong foundation of well-being that positively influences every aspect of their lives. With this Self-love journal you can; Improve your Mental Health, Increase your Self-Confidence, have healthy relationships, and have a Greater Resilience to Adversity.

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude, often described as the practice of acknowledging and appreciating the good things in life, offers a myriad of benefits for both mental and physical well-being. Here are some of the key advantages of cultivating gratitude. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, individuals can counteract negative thought patterns and cultivate a more optimistic outlook.cultivating gratitude is a powerful practice that can transform every aspect of life, from mental and emotional well-being to physical health and interpersonal relationships.

By consciously cultivating an attitude of gratitude, individuals can experience greater happiness, resilience, and fulfillment in their lives. What are you waiting for!! Order this Journal to start your Gratitude Journey.

Blessings and Manifestations Journal

Believing in prayer and manifesting can bring about profound personal transformation, helping individuals cultivate inner peace, resilience, and fulfillment. By using this Blessings and Maifesting Journal you can easily incorporate these practices into their daily lives, individuals can experience greater joy, purpose, and spiritual growth.


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