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GTG-Girls Night In Party

Now that things are getting back to normal and we can gather together and have fun again, I am reminded of fun makeup parties.

Those seem like such a good idea now, especially with Spring/Summer around the corner.

It is the perfect time to get together with your friends who love makeup as much as do. Of course, miniature golf, pool, and pizza parties are always fun, but it is always fun to have beauty makeover parties with your girlfriends. Here are a few of my favorite beauty party ideas and activities.

Feel free to let me know yours in the comment section.

1. Slip a small lip gloss inside each Invitation.

2.Treat your guests to inexpensive party favors, including fake tattoos or nail decorations, nail polish and emery boards, flavored lip balm, travel sized shampoo + conditioner combo.

3.Snap pictures of you and your guests before and after you have used some of the products and can later compare.

4.Arrange for your guests to bring their own hair and makeup bag, Hairstyling accessories.

5. Give your guests gift bags filled with party favors made up of small samples of beauty supplies from the drugstore.

6. Arrange a box/basket full of celeb pictures and magazine pages that can help serve as inspiration for the makeovers.

7. Set up a manicure and pedicure area with comfortable chairs, flip flops, polish remover, cotton balls and a selection of current in style nail polish.

Party Facts Partying with others can reduce stress.- Being around others allows you to focus on something greater than yourself and your problems. Partying can increase your lifespan.- The social aspect of partying with your girlfriends is it helps with your creativity and purpose. It also helps you feel like you belong, allowing you to feel loved. Partying reduces the risk of depression.-In moderation, partying with your girlfriends allows your attention to be redirected to something hopeful and happy. Music and smiling are contagious. Partying increases self-esteem.-The more you hang out and socialize at a party with your girlfriends, the more conversations you will have, which will allow you to practice your charm and wit. Partying with your girlfriends can make you feel safe.- Partying with your girlfriends can make you feel safe because you don't have to worry about the same social pressures you would with the opposite sex. When you are partying with your girlfriends you can let your hair down and just be yourself. Partying with your girlfriends can be cathartic- Lost your job? Ex is a jerk? Is life not really going as you planned? Partying with your girlfriends cand help with that. All of the different sights, sounds, vibes and smells can help you stay in the present moment and release the stressors and worries of your life through the creative expression of dancing. Dancing the night away has always been a wonderful remedy for heartbreak, grief and lonliness. Dancing is one of the only thing one can do alone within a group. Dancing is good for the soul. Communing with likeminded individuals who also want to genuinely have a good time.

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