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GTG-Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt Finds

Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and style can be expensive. If you aren't too careful, you could end up in debt.

I will never forget when a cosplay model I was quite fond of admitted to everyone on social media that she was over $20,000 in debt. Why? She had purchased her cosplay outfits as well as high-end makeup to keep up with the other high-end cosplay models.

She also hired photographers who were not cheap($800-1200 per photo shoot). After her confession, she and I had a conversation, and she asked me how much I spent on my costumes and jewelry. I told her I had a $ 60-a-month budget. Depending on the month, that money would go to costumes or makeup, or I would save it and let it roll over to the next month.

I also made a point to make all of my costumes out of materials I already had lying around my house. Which was not easy, but well worth it in the long run. She was floored by my admission.

A really good way to help you not get caught up with what the 'Jones' are or aren't doing is to know your worth isn't defined by how much your handbag is, but if you are accomplishing your personal goals, all of your bills are paid, and you feel great about yourself.

This blog post is dedicated to you not having to keep up with the Jones. Do you and have fun doing it!

I call it the GTG Style Scavenger hunt. Play along with friends and family or alone. Either way, you will be sure to find something priceless to add to your fashion collection.

Let me know in the comments what other great thrift shop treasures you have found!

10 Tag Sale & Thrift Shop Treasures

Vintage Luggage- Makes for excellent pack-it-away storage for notebooks & stationary.

Old pins & Brooches- Perfect for adding a little something extra to your blouse, scarf, or hats.

Plastic Charms- use these to tie onto presents, or make jewelry by attaching them to a colorful stirng or ribbon.

Beaded Necklaces- Wear them, pull them apart and glue the beads onto a pictureframe.

Glass Jars with Lids- Store just about anything.

Magazines & Old Greeting Cards- Cut them up tp decorate gift boxes, envelopes, boxes, frame your favorite pages and cutouts.

Old Sewing & Craft Supplies- use sewing boxes and bins for storage, and stock up on multipurpose ribbons, pipe cleaners, and buttons for future decorating projects.

Bandannas & Cotton Scarves- Liven up an old pillow or a blazer by adding a bandanna and cotton scarf.

Weathered Furniture and bookshelves- Give that old furniture a new life with a fresh coat of paint !

Seashells- Flip them over ans store small jewelry or paper clips inside, or use larger shells as summertime paper weights.

*Now that you have collected a few of these items, make sure they do not take over your space by storing them In cute, affordable containers. Here are some other little ideas that may have a big impact on you and your living space.

  1. Liven up your wire hangers by wrapping them with velvet fabric, pipe cleaners, or ribbon.

  2. Stash USB and charger cords in a decorated shoe box.'

  3. Line dresser drawers/closet shelves with brightly colored paper or old vintage newspaper clippings.

  4. If you have an old bike basket turn it into a standing desk file holder for important folders.

  5. Store your shower items in a colorful pail. (Replace every three months)

  6. Tie-dye plain white sheets and pillowcases.

  7. Use a wicker basket as a deskside wastebasket.

  8. Buy string lights and artificial plants for decorations.

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