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GTG-Witty Edition

Updated: Jul 14

Beauty and brains? Why can't a girl have both? Gtg Witty edition

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It took me a long time to admit that being smart is cool and that learning new things is fun. When I was in school, my favorite subjects were; Pottery and English. In those classes, I enjoyed learning about different cultures and stories that changed history. I enjoyed reading books like Shakespeare and Anne Rice. I also really enjoyed theater and French classes.

Now that I am all grown up and on my own I still find myself drawn to those subjects. I still attend a pottery class if I can find one. I still love Much Ado About Nothing and watch it like I have never seen it every time it comes on the television. I still enjoy reading a good book, though these days, my book selections have not been the best. I have been kind of stuck reading sappy erotica love stories.

My experience with learning new things has made me a well-rounded person. I find the more well-rounded you are, the more fun I have been able to have. If you are smart and love learning new things, you should never be ashamed. Someone out there will love and see you for the wonderful, well-rounded person you are. Changing yourself for someone will never make you happy.

You have to want to make yourself happy. Call me crazy but it's like that outdoor school song says; Happiness runs in a circular motion. Love is like a little boat upon the sea. You can be apart of anything anywhere. You can be apart, if you let your self be.

Let yourself be. Don't take any negative criticism to heart. Don't allow others poor reflections of themselves to reflect back on you. Instead, always do your best to stay grounded and focused on being the absolute best person you can be.

Life is full of wonderful surprises. If you are ready to take the leap. Being yourself is the best way to reach your goals, because when everything is said and done, and you have or haven't accomplished what you wanted, at least you can say you kept it 'Real'.

Stay well-rounded and full of witty surprises.

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